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From: Instructor Louis Charron, Certified Krav Maga Instructor

Re: Israeli Karate (Kids Krav Maga) serving New Orleans, Jefferson Parish and surrounding areas.


Hello my Fellow Parent,

I am proud to have worked with fitness experts, self-defense coaches and education professionals to design this unique self-defense program for kids. The result was Israeli Karate (Kids Krav Maga). Israeli Karate comes from the idea for a practical, modern children’s self-defense program with traditional martial arts values. The idea is that children need to have fun, while learning valuable life skills for the real world around them.

The Israeli Karate (Kids Krav Maga) program will teach your child:

Life Skills: In Israeli Karate we stress the principles of H.I.T. H.A.R.D. - Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Health, Attitude, Responsibility and Discipline. We then work these ideals into real life skills.

Self-Defense: Your child will learn practical, easy to learn self-defense techniques based on principles and dynamics of real life encounters, but with a focus on restraint and responsibility so you'll know your child will apply their training only when necessary. We design the techniques to be School Safe: Able to used defensively at school in a way to be compatible with school policy.

Awareness: We will teach your child to always be aware of their surroundings, themselves, and how their actions may impact others. This aspect of the training focuses not only on the role awareness plays in your child's ability to keep themselves safe, but also on important life skills every child should learn, such as: team work, respect, confidence and much more.

Fun: We take pride in training your children in a fun and safe environment. The important self-defense and life skills your children will learn in the Israeli Karate program will be taught with fun and exciting games and drills so your child will never be bored or unmotivated.

Exercise: Close Combat and Fitness, LLC has teamed up with a fitness expert to design a program that will help your child develop strength, endurance, power, and coordination all the while learning the latest in personal safety and responsibility.

The Israeli Karate program uses a traditional belt system to track your child's progress. We divide the curriculum into distinct "families" of training (Defensive Form sets, Striking sets, and Self Defense sets). Each family is tracked by a Stripe system. Your child will be evaluated in each family by being awarded Stripes, that way you, your child, and the instructor will all know where to focus our attention in training. The Stripes will be awarded after successful testing and applied onto the child's belt so he or she can be proud of their achievement! We then show children how to blend these skills for real life and progress to higher levels.

We know that parents are constantly juggling their schedules to allow their child to explore a variety of activities. The Israeli Karate program is not designed to replace any of those activities. Our curriculum is designed to allow the children to learn the curriculum at their own pace whether they attend every class during the week or only one.

The Israeli Karate program launched in January, 2013 and classes are for children ages 8-12. Class sizes will be limited so don't wait to enroll your child early. Registration is being accepted immediately.


When you visit our school, you’ll find we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and excellence. Does this sound like what's on track for your child?

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing"
- Albert Einstein

Just fill out the form above and click Submit for more information on how to get your child started. You can also Call me at (504) 456-3553 or Email or stop by our Training Facility at 3304 West Esplanade Ave, Suite 2 in Metairie (at the foot of the Causeway Bridge). See our Schedule HERE.

Children need a strong sense of accomplishment and confidence!

Imagine How Good You'll Feel About Your Child Learning Valuable Skills and Unshakable Self-Esteem Through Our Israeli Karate (Kids Krav Maga) Program. And They Will Discover:


  • The proven methods to smashing self-imposed barriers and unlocking their full potential…
  • Ways to Feel More Energetic and Productive…
  • How To Become more Flexible, Coordinated, and Disciplined
  • How to learn great skills, all while having fun and making new friends – Within no time, their enthusiasm and self-control will rock solid!
  • Entry-Level Program 100% geared towards the new student – that even if your child is out of shape – You'll notice a big difference in their abilities in just 2 weeks time!
  • Why experts believe that Krav Maga is not only the easiest to learn but the most effective amongst the various martial arts and self defense disciplines.
  • What to do if suddenly grabbed from behind; how to react when faced with a Bully; and important skills that empower them to remain calm when facing danger.
  • And So Much More!

Don't Take My Word For It… 

Come And Have Your Child Try Out A WEEK For FREE!


Call 504-456-3553 or e-mail to set your first of a WEEK of FREE trial Classes. See our Schedule Here!

I get it!
I totally understand it's not important that you enroll your child in our program today, what's important is that you are sure it is the perfect program for you, right?


That's why I've created an opportunity for you to try us out. I'm so confident in how effective my program is that I'll let you take a 'test drive' at absolutely no risk to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What ages are the youth program?
A: The program is for youth age 7 1/2-12.

Q: How do we get involved in Kids Krav Maga?
A: All you need to do come try a class. Everyone is welcome to come and try a  WEEK of classes for free at anytime with no obligation. Just wear comfortable work out cloths and come have fun while learning Real Skills.
Q: What is Israeli Karate (Kids Krav Maga)?
A: Israeli Karate is another name for our Kids Krav Maga Program. The program is for youth 8-12 years old and focuses on three important aspects of developing safe, healthy
and confident kids: self-defense, fitness, and life skills.

Q: What makes Kids Krav Maga different from other martial arts?
A: Krav Maga is a reality-based system. There are no fancy kicks or techniques that aren’t practical for real life situations. We teach defenses against common attacks such as grabs, punches, hair pulls, bear hugs, and headlocks. In addition, due to the physical nature of the system, the kids tend to get a better workout than with traditional martial arts.

Q: What will my kid get out of Kids Krav Maga training?
A: In addition to the short-term benefits of Israeli Karate (Kids Krav Maga), the larger goal of the training is to supplement and support what our students learn at school and home. We give every student a Handbook to help reinforce the training at home. Our training program works to instill values that will make them into successful teenagers, then successful adults.

We cover values like:

• the importance of being physically fit
• how to make healthy nutritional choices
• motivational strategies
• successful goal setting
• seeking and using mentors
• doing well in school
• social skills
• how to achieve and then project confidence and self-esteem
• how to be respectful and responsible
• sticking up for their values
• mastering peer pressure
• being aware and using common sense
• how to physically defend themselves, or others, in a time of need

Q: How will Israeli Karate (Kids Krav Maga) increase my child's confidence?
A: We don't just tell students the importance of being confident, but also we make sure they practice being confident. Some ways we work at building confidence is:

• role playing and working through situations where kids feel insecure
• providing consistent positive reinforcement and active encouragement by our instructors
• creating a non-intimidating, safe and fun training atmosphere
• providing physical and verbal challenges that students can successfully achieve
• being surrounded by other
confident and supportive classmate

Q: Are you teaching children real Krav Maga?
A: Yes, your child will be learning real Krav Maga. We teach Krav Maga techniques and principles in kid appropriate contexts such as bullying, peer pressure, and abduction prevention. Just like in Krav Maga, the emphasis in Kids Krav Maga is always on confrontation avoidance first and foremost. We teach children how to verbalize, set boundaries, and how to “use common sense before self-defense.”

Q: Will my child start fighting now? Will he/she become more violent?
A: Krav Maga Kids is a self-defense system not a fighting system. We consistently stress the differences between being offensive and being defensive. Our students understand that (a) fighting is not allowed under any circumstances and students who fight in school or otherwise will not be permitted to
participate in our program, (b) the techniques we teach have the potential to hurt other kids their age and size and that (c) confrontation avoidance is always the desirable outcome. Fighting often stems from insecurities and a desire to “prove” their toughness, as well as being an outlet for aggression. With the confidence we instill in our students, the physical challenges we provide, and a controlled and healthy means of stress reduction our students do not feel the need to engage in physical confrontations. In fact, parents tell us that students who have had problems with fighting in the past, within a short time of joining Kids Krav Maga, no longer participate in confrontations.

Q: How often do they need to come a week? My child has many other extracurricular activities, in addition to homework, that would leave very little time to come to classes.
A: There is no specific program requirement for how many classes your child must attend a week. We are sensitive to the fact that kids have busy schedules and that homework is a priority. We suggest that your child come to at least 1 class per week to get the most out of the Kids Krav Maga program.

Q: How do the levels work? How is the curriculum broken down?
A: Depending upon the number of
classes your child attends and per the permission of the instructor(s) there are minimum time in rank: Level 1-White Belt (3 months), Level 2-Yellow Belt (3 months), Level 3-Orange Belt (3 months) and Green Belt (6 months), Level 4-Blue Belt (6 months), Level 5 -Red Belt (3 months), Level 6 - Brown Belt (3 months).

Q: How often do they test? How does that process work?
A: Belt Testing will be part of regular class time. In order for students to be eligible to participate in a belt test they must have attended enough classes to see the full level's material. Stripe tests will show how the student has progressed through the material. Students are tested on an individual basis in class for the full skill progression. Students who attend 2 classes per week on a regular basis will be on track to test every 3 months for Kids Krav Maga and Kids Krav Maga White Belts, and every 3-4 months for Kids Krav Maga Yellow Belts and higher.




Let Me Share With You The Top Excuses Most People Use For Not Giving The Trial Classes A Try…


"They may feel awkward trying it out." Honestly we have the friendliest students and staff you're ever gonna meet. They will make you and your child's transition confortable and enjoyable.


"We are just too busy right now." Listen, make a committment to become more active in a positive activity, if your child can find time for a few hours of television or video games you can find time for Krav Maga. Start now!


Thank you for your time and I hope you grab this opportunity so we can meet.



Louis Charron

Instructor Louis Charron

P.S. Unfortunately, you don't have much time – so think fast and act quickly. First come, first served. If you delay you're registration you might just miss out on a great chance to enrich your life and grow as a person

Close Combat and Fitness is based in Metairie, Louisiana, just outside New Orleans. We provide instruction in Krav Maga (Self Defense Martial Arts), Metairie Combat Fit Boot Camp (Fitness, Strength and Conditioning Program), plus Israeli Karate for Kids our unique Kids Krav Maga Program an updated self defense martial arts tactics for children.
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